Whether you are a professional or a small business, at some point in time you need digital marketing agency to grow and succeed. Digital marketing is ever-evolving and consists of many subheads. That is the reason why many businesses prefer to outsource it to a digital marketing agency to get the best results.

But to decide whether to actually outsource digital marketing to a agency or do it in-house is a topic worth discussing. Both have their pros and cons, and in this blog, we’ll help you decide what’s best for your growing business.


Digital marketing DIY

Many times, businesses decide to keep all their marketing efforts in-house. That’s an excellent idea, especially when you have a team equipped to take care of all the brand’s online marketing needs.

  • To start with, DIY marketing helps you save money. If you have a team in place to cater to campaigns related to digital marketing, it will save you money that you would have spent on an agency to handle the work. This is mainly for mid-size and large businesses who can afford to hire resources like content creator, campaign manager, copywriter, graphic designer, and video editor.
  • You can have better control over day-to-day projects and not depend on an agency to give directions to the campaigns planned out. As all the tasks are being operated in-house, you can check and make changes in real time without having to wait for the agency to get back.
  • No one understands your brand better than you. What the brand goals are, how you want to project them, and the kind of voice you want to have—all of this helps in deciding strategies faster.


Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency

While all of this might look simple, online marketing is way more than just creating content for social media. Digital marketing is vast and includes writing and managing blogs for an SEO-friendly website, creating posts for social media marketing, managing SEO, handling campaigns, creating lead magnets, and designing ads for Facebook and other social media platforms. While you might have all the right intentions to start online marketing on your own, it is something that takes time and has a lot of hurdles that only become clear with experience.

  • Agencies come with years of experience. They know what strategy will work best to get your business booming. With specialised teams to work on different projects at the same time, your business stands a better chance of gaining traction at a faster rate.
  • They have the required tools and resources to manage your campaigns, which can give your business a boost. There are different software that agencies work with that come as a part of the whole package. While these may cost you a fortune to buy them separately, agencies have the advantage of working on them.
  • Time is a big factor that works in favour of agencies. As a business, you have other things to take care of, and marketing your campaigns might look like a huge commitment. With so many factors to take care of—blogs, videos, campaigns, content for social media, and email marketing—it becomes overwhelming. An agency is equipped to handle that kind of work and make it a smoother process.
  • Digital marketing is an ever-evolving world. There are new concepts coming up every few days. Keeping yourself abreast of all these can be a challenge for you as a business. But it comes naturally to digital marketing agencies that keep themselves up-to-date with new marketing trends.

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Digital marketing is time-consuming and requires a lot of in-depth knowledge. So, if as a business you feel you have the bandwidth to match the needs of online marketing—time, resources, money, and talent—you definitely should rely on doing it in-house. Also, if you are an individual or a small business that doesn’t post regularly on social media and have only a few accounts to manage, then DIY is your best bet.

But if you feel you want to spend more time thinking about strategies to grow your business and leave the marketing decisions to someone outside the firm, outsourcing it to an agency is the best idea. As we mentioned in the article, when digital marketing agencies come with updated knowledge, skills, and tools that help measure the success of campaigns they have been working on, the chances of your business getting better sales and growth are much higher.

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