SEO Content writing is the art of creating insightful, informative pieces for the web. Anything that you read online is content, be it a script for a video or a podcast, a blog, an infographic, website content or even the sale email that pops up on your computer. Content writing is a wide field that can include writers for e-magazines, content creators for social media, digital marketing specialists, and bloggers.

In most cases, the job of an SEO content writer or content marketing agency is to plan, write, and edit content for digital marketing purposes. An SEO content writer is like a storyteller who represents the brand’s voice through his writing. The idea behind any piece that you read online is either to make a sale or get a follower on social media platforms.

That being said, there are a few things that SEO content writers must keep in mind while writing those beautifully crafted pieces: creating SEO-optimized pieces that rank on search engines and carrying the brand’s voice in each and every piece that they write. In this blog, we tell you how you can produce those amazing, thought-provoking pieces that appeal to a larger audience and help your brand attract and engage the targeted audience.

1. Unique and original content

You can’t possibly churn out all the content pieces on your own. That’s where a search engine comes into play. It is a good idea to do thorough research on the internet, and by that we mean not just a Google search console but also Google Keyword planner, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even podcasts. You can talk to specialists in those fields to get a better perspective on the topic at hand. Once that is done, you start writing your copy with some personal experiences, anecdotes, and statistics. What you must remember is that if you do a copy-and-paste job, you lose trust and authenticity, and your content will not rank on search engines thanks to plagiarism.

2. SEO-optimized content writing

Unless your piece contains the right keywords, your audience will not be able to find you on the internet. And this stands true for all platforms, be it Google, Bing search, or any social media channel. For your content to rank online, it must have the right keywords that make it discoverable on the net. For any social media agency or digital marketing company to work, your writing must include those essential keywords. SEO content writing can have a combination of long-tail keywords (any phrase that has 3 to 6 keywords in it) and short-tail keywords (1 to 2 words). For example, ‘content writing’ is a short-tail keyword, while ‘SEO content writing for a website’ is a long-tail keyword. A good mix of these SEO words will help your brand attract the right audience and make your content a sensation on search engines.

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3. Market-specific writing styles

When you are writing for a social media platform, you need to make your content short and snappy. But when it is for the landing page of a website or a white paper, you’ll have to adopt a formal tone. While a blog or an email requires an informal tone that is friendly and easy-to-read, So, make sure that you are comfortable writing in different tones that suit the styles of different media. Also, remember that content writing is ever-evolving, just as the different platforms are. To keep yourself abreast of different writing styles, read as much as you can to pick up tips that can be incorporated into your own copy.

4. Make the introduction catchy

The first few lines of the introduction often called the hook, are what capture your readers’ attention. This is something that you have to think hard about before beginning your writing. If your introduction doesn’t catch the reader’s attention, all your research and writing efforts go to waste. Google’s algorithm works on the fact of the time a reader spends on a page. If your audience is not spending substantial time on your website, there is very little chance of it ranking on Google. So, while you might have all the interesting facts and quotes, if your introduction is not catchy enough for the reader to read through the article, you’ll never be able to gain benefits from your writing.

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5. Don’t forget your call-to-action (CTA)

The entire purpose of writing a content piece is to make a sale. And how do you do that? by including clear CTAs in your copy. You want your reader to know what he’s supposed to do and not be left confused about the action expected of him. CTAs must be able to give precise directions to your audience on what they’re supposed to do. Also, make sure they are spread throughout your copy and not at the end. You should discuss this with your digital marketing agency or content marketing company to have a suitable content marketing strategy.


There is no shortage of information available on the internet. There are hundreds of articles available online on one specific topic. But they might not be relevant to what your readers need. Do thorough market research to understand your customer base—their age, demographics, etc.—to create content that will appeal to them and help you generate leads and conversions. SEO Content writing for websites, social media, blogs, e-commerce sites, and many others is inspiring and challenging at the same time. Still, it is also something that can make or break your digital marketing campaign. So, always ensure that you have the right team of writers who understand the pulse of your readers and are skilled at portraying the brand’s voice.

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