In our quest for a SEO-friendly website, we often make mistakes that start affecting our ranking on Google. Other times, it is our ignorance about the right content that doesn’t let our website perform well on the search engines. In this blog, we tell you how to improve your SEO content with tips that can help improve its ranking and lead to better traffic.

  1. Structure your content: Nobody likes to read long paragraphs filled with information. In an age when everyone is moving to 15-second videos, your SEO-friendly website content needs to reflect that too. Break the information into subheadings, bullets, and numbered points. This will give your customers a better reading experience and also make your page lighter.

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  2. Keyword clustering: Targeted keywords are what bring customers to your website, thanks to Google-bot. But instead of using just one type of keyword in your copy, creating a bank of keywords is a better idea. Keyword clusters are collections of keywords that help people find similar purchase ideas. For instance, instead of just using the keyword “Digital Marketing,” using different keywords such as “Digital marketing agency Toronto” “Digital marketing agency Vancouver” and “Digital marketing agency Calgary” will help you get better viewing on Google and attract more customers.
  3. Clean up the clutter: With time, your website tends to become heavy with more blogs, articles, and pictures. This can affect the customer experience. Decluttering your website by working on the navigation menu is the best way to organize material on the page. Organize it as per the importance of the page, keeping the SEO-friendly content in mind, and remove links and articles that are no longer needed.
  4. Fix the broken links: Hyperlinks are what give your site credibility. And if these links don’t work, it hurts your customer experience as well as your authority in the niche. This happens when you enter the wrong links or when a website gets removed from the server. However, this is quite simple to resolve using free tools available on Google Search Console (Crawl Errors) and Broken Link Checker.
  5. Work on the images: Images add the X-factor to your website, but they are also the culprit behind its slow running. Large-size images pile up the load on your page and make it slow. So, if you want an SEO website, start by compressing your images to a manageable size and removing the ones that you don’t need or are not related to the brand. This will considerably reduce the load and create a cleaner, lighter website that will attract more customers with its enhanced look.

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Author: Neha Mathur
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