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Right, so you have all kinds of social media accounts on your device, but how many do you actually use to know about new product launches, get advice about various services available, or see announcements? My guess is, probably one or two at max! And of these, isn’t email the one you have a hundred percent faith in? There’s no surprise why email marketing is still considered the most effective tool of all digital marketing methods – there are 4 billion daily email users and this number is expected to go up to 4.6 billion by 2025 as per Statista’s 2021 report. And if this provides any comfort to you, Campaign Monitor’s 2021 report says that 64 percent of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers.

Now that we have established that email marketing or newsletter marketing is still the most trusted way of reaching your customers and converting your leads into businesses.

 Here’s a list of how you can make millions without having to bat an eyelid. Are you ready 😉

  1. Get your customers to sign up for it

First things first, you need to get a list of customers who are interested in your products/services. So how do you go about it? Create a sign-up form and publish it on all the pages at places that are easily accessible and in sight. This will make it impossible for them to miss and with exciting tag lines and offers (incentives go a long way), you are sure to get them hooked to your services.

  • Use exit pop-ups to give them one last chance to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Add sign-up forms on all the pages – home page, landing page, and products page.
  • Make it exciting for the customer to sign-up by offering them something in return like a free coupon, a discount, or an e-book.
  1. Put your product out there

Did you know that as many as 50 percent of people buy from newsletter marketing emails at least once per month (SaleCycle, 2022)? That says something about its reach! So, if you have a new product or service to offer, the best way to generate interest in it is by creating an email marketing campaign and sending it out to your customers.

  • Have a subject line that makes them go wow, something that has them thinking, “what’s in it for me”.
  • Send out a discount offer, or a coupon they can use on their next purchase.
  • Don’t forget your Call to Action (CTA). Click here or Shop Now is some of the CTAs that have worked wonders for email marketing.
  1. Have a separate list for different customers

Just like a birthday greeting card, where you personalize your message, email marketing campaigns are much similar. You need to personalize your emails and categories them into different groups for different sets of customers. Never send out a common email for everyone because then you are defeating the entire purpose of email marketing. As per Litmus, 2020 survey, 60 percent of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services companies are personalizing emails based on past purchases, versus 38 percent in 2019.

  • Send an email with a sneak-peak into the new launches or products recently added to the discount list to people who have just made a purchase.
  • Another email can go to those who haven’t bought from you recently, with a deal they can’t resist.
  • For new subscribers, have a welcome greeting card email ready to make them feel special.
  • Who doesn’t like a birthday/anniversary discount? Let your customers know they’re loved by sending out a sweet deal on their special days.
  1. Work on that subject line

You might wonder what’s there in a subject line that needs my time and effort. But it is an important element of your newsletter marketing campaign. Unless your subject line is enticing enough for your customer to open, they wouldn’t want to waste time clicking on it. So do not ignore this important matter.

  • Include the deal you’re offering right there in the subject.
  • Use keywords that are more likely to get the email opened.
  • Do not use words such as ‘clearance’, or ‘bargain’ as they will straight away go to spam.
  • The preview text that shows next to the subject line should be crisp and short. It should entice your customer to see what’s in the email for him/her.
  1. Do not forget the Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is one of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign. It is not some small hyperlink that you put on the page, rather is it the most important clickable button that leads to sales. A CTA is a button or a hyperlinked line of text that brings your customer to a landing page of your choice. This further directs them to take action on what to do next, leading them to make a purchase.

But CTAs don’t come in one standard shape or size. And you can’t keep repeating these in every email you send out. Depending on the action you want your customer to take, your CTA should have a clear, concise message, which shouldn’t be more than 4-5 words.

Take, for example, to encourage your customer to make a purchase, you can try using ‘Act now, ‘Buy it today, and ‘Shop these’. While to make them read more about a service/product, you can have ‘Read more, ‘Download now’, and ‘Get the app’. Remember to make these easy to find and with exciting content.

6. Newsletters are the way forward

Keeping up with your customers can be a challenging task every day. But it is rewarding, nevertheless. A newsletter is another wonderful way of connecting with your customers. Apart from promotional emails that you send out every week, have a monthly newsletter ready with information on ‘what’s new. It can be a new product launch or a service that has great benefits, make sure to create content that serves this purpose and keep tweaking it from time to time. And remember, consumers spend an average of 10 seconds reading brand emails (Statista, 2021), so make those words count!

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To help you to rake more from emails, we Some of the email marketing services we recommend:

  1. Mail Chimp:Mailchimp is one of the most well-known email marketing platforms. It’s known best for its flagship email marketing service, which pioneered the forever free plan for users with less than 500 subscribers.

  2. Zoho Campaigns:Campaigns offer a drag-and-drop email editor with personalized, dynamic designs. You can create workflows to automate communications with customers and track information directly into an integrated Zoho or third-party CRM.
  3. Moosend:Moosend is the best affordable option not only because its paid plans cost less than most on the market. Users love the value—lots of features at much lower price points than traditional competitors.
  1. Hubspot:Hubspot is the best all-in-one marketing suite because it has great tools and reporting for all of your marketing campaigns across various channels (website, social, email marketing, and more).
  2. Campaign Monitor:This newsletter software integrates with over 50 other tools, including HubSpot, Unbounce, WooCommerce, and AdRoll. Campaign Monitor’s email marketing tool enables you to create an engaging and high-quality email newsletter with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

If you need any help with setting up your newsletter marketing campaigns. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can guide you on how to make your email marketing effective. Click here or email

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