LinkedIn is a wonderful place to be in if you want to connect professionally with like-minded people. It’s an equally important place to find jobs and employees likewise. Hence, it is also a great place to be in when promoting your services and products. Read for yourself and find out How to use LinkedIn for business and growth?

With as many as 700 million users on LinkedIn, and 40 per cent checking their account each day, this is one platform that all kinds of businesses – small or big – must use to explore better business opportunities. LinkedIn will not just give your brand a global appearance, but will help you boost sales, build a network of strong names, and lead to revenues!

Here’s a guide on how to use LinkedIn to your best advantage and grow your business like never before.


1. Create your business account

This is the page that will help your customers and job seekers learn more about the company/brand that want to be associated with. Hence, ensure that it has all the necessary details and also a hyperlink to the main webpage for easy access. Just like creating your personal account on LinkedIn, creating a company page is no different. Follow the steps to create one:

  • Choose the kind of business you have – small, medium or large.
  • Fill in the company details such as name of the brand, website, industry, etc.
  • Give a full description of the company in the ‘About’ section. Make sure you mention the important details first as these will show up in the Google search. But at the same time, don’t forget to share the other important factors that might help you in generating sales.
  • Include specialities and keywords that will help people find you on the Internet.
  • Don’t forget to upload the company logo, ideally as the profile picture and a picture of your employees/products as your cover image, and hit ‘Publish’.


2. Updates for a better reach

Just like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is also a social network. But unlike Facebook and Instagram, where you upload personal information, you have to be really selective on LinkedIn. So, if you have a new product launch or a service that you have upgraded, put it up on LinkedIn. If there’s an event you are organizing and you want to create awareness about it, publish it on your company’s page. Likewise, if there’s a news story worthy of LinkedIn, share it with your audience. These updates will keep you on top of the feed and will help get better connectivity. You can share blog posts from your webpage here, and start a conversation around it.

  • According to LinkedIn, messages with images and videos get a better visibility than the ones without these.
  • Hashtags are important. But use them judicially for better reach.
  • Post regularly, but only what’s essential and related to your business.
  • Be present in the comments’ section. Reply to the comments/queries you get to keep your audience engaged.

3.Get your employees to connect with the company page

Your employees are a great source to reach out to your target audience. There are chances of them having a wider range of connections than the company page, so tap into this resource and expand your reach. Ask your employees to share company updates on their individual LinkedIn pages and comment/share their experience on various posts uploaded by the company. These get highlighted on their pages, which will help your company get the exposure it wants.


4. Join LinkedIn groups

Another great way of expanding your reach is by joining groups that belong to your trade. This is a great way to promote your business and be part of conversations that are of your interest. You can connect with people/brands individually from the group and further your chances of getting business. You can also look into these individual accounts to see how they are promoting their business to use the same strategy to boost your sales.


5. Create a Showcase page

A Showcase page is much like your main LinkedIn page, but with specific needs in mind. So, if you have a sub-brand, or a different line of products, or you want to start a campaign but don’t want to crowd your main page, a Showcase page is where all of this goes. This is a more personalized page, with a very niche audience. People who are following your brand can then follow these showcase pages as well to get a variety of options to choose from. This is a great way to expand your customer base and reach out to more people.


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