With the advent of social media, businesses, whether small-scale or large enterprises have changed the way they connect with their customers and advertise their brands. With over 50.64 percent of the world’s total population using social media, businesses have found new avenues to promote their products and services. Social media marketing is the new buzzword, and everyone is reaping the benefits of it.

There was a time when business owners had to physically go to events to represent their brand and share details about it. They would give out their business cards in hopes that customers or vendors would actually keep them safe and contact them in the near future. They would take out paid ads in newspapers and magazines, and sometimes in neighborhood brochures, to generate interest in their brand.

Social media isn’t just a display of your products online. It is rather a deep study of the market, the customers, and their needs to create products and services that can benefit them and, in return, help you reach your goals. Social media marketing strategies are well-thought-out plans that affect your business in all ways possible.

Here’s how social media can impact your business positively and why you should consider having a profile here right now.

Make your brand a global star

According to Statista, as of January 2023, there were 5.16 billion internet users worldwide. Of this, 4.76 billion, or 59.4 percent of the world’s population, were social media users. Now imagine the impact your brand can make once it goes on a social media platform. With the right content, targeted at the right audience, you can have a global reach with a very low setup cost. Brands can now connect with their customers worldwide directly and respond to comments and feedback in real time. With global marketing, businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products to a larger audience and have services all around the globe.
Build your own community.

When you are on a social media platform, having good feedback works wonders. How you handle your relationship with your customers has far-reaching effects. If your customers are happy with your products and the way you provide them with customer service, they’re more likely to spread the word about you than those who are dissatisfied with your services. By establishing strong relationships with your customers, your brand can build its own community of loyal followers. You can have a powerful voice in your niche by commenting on relevant topics and throwing in suggestions where required. This tight community of yours can help boost sales and improve brand image whenever required.

Stay ahead of the competition

You know that your brand is not the only one selling those products or services, right? So, how do you ensure that you’re always on top of your customers’ minds and are ahead of your competition? Social listening is a great strategy to adopt. By keeping your eyes and ears open to what people are talking about in your sector or what they are saying about your brand on different channels, you can create content that can help boost sales and catch the attention of customers. You can learn about what your customers think of your competition. This is a great method to adopt when you want to improve your sales. You can make changes to the kind of messaging you’ve been doing, to product descriptions and prices, and also to customer service. There are various tools available to assist you with market research in real-time.

Customer service is everything

When it comes to customer feedback, there is no way of avoiding it. Once you’re on social media, you have to be ever-present and respond to every query, every piece of feedback, and every comment from your customers. A bad experience by a customer can leave a scathing scar on the brand’s image forever. Hence, having a seamless support strategy in place is a must. Any customer who comes to your brand to make a purchase must leave satisfied—from the whole experience of buying that product to easy checkout and after-sales services, all of this plays a huge role in the customer experience. Make customer support a part of your social media marketing strategy and keep revising it to keep your employees updated with what’s required.

Keep your products updated

With constant conversations about your products and services, social media allows businesses to refine their products. Your customers are constantly talking about your brand on social media, and all you need to do is tap into this conversation to understand their expectations from your business. By doing this, you can provide them with a product that is much better and meets their expectations. Social media insights are a great help to businesses, as they provide them with important information about how customers are perceiving their products and what changes they want the company to make. These insights can then be shared with the development team, which can, in turn, come up with a better product or experience.

Whether you are an individual or a small business, having a customer-centric brand on social media has immense benefits. First Choice Media is a digital marketing agency in Canada that can help you with your social media marketing needs. Contact us now to learn more.

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